About Me

Leigh Hawkes 

Creative Healer

Reiki III Practitioner & Animal Reiki Teacher 

Reiki with Cats Student

Vegan Wellness & Life Coach

Yoga & Yin Yoga 300hrTT

Ultra Marathon Endurance Runner

Tipi Retreat Host

Spiritual Illustrator

My greatest wish for this world is that all beings can live their life with freedom, free from harm & suffering. I believe we can affect real change through consciousness of the compassionate choices that we make. 

I have been on an emotional, physical & spiritual healing journey for the past 2 decades searching like so many of us, for mental wellbeing, healthy vitality, fitness, happiness & a gentle way of living. Coming from a past of unhealthy addiction & low self value I transformed my life through clearing the emotions & limiting beliefs blocking my peace of mind, body & soul using Reiki, Hypnosis & Matrix Therapy modalities. I energetically & emotionally cleansed & adopted a delicious plant powered lifestyle that empowers me with clean energy to become an endurance athlete. I have a strong & steady yoga practice to inspire, restore & support me. This light energy from the lifestyle I create is served with blessings to my clients in my vegan business, Love All Beings.

I run long. I run daily. I run with Reiki. I run in ultra marathons to fundraise for the animals, all the sentient beings suffering give me purpose to run across deserts & reach mountain summits. It is out there, exposed to the raw elements of nature that Reiki has shown me the power of nature, connected me to spirit & the universal life force that lives within us all, that is innate in everything & surrounds us all with energy.

We are all vibrating beings, spirits inhabiting a vessel, our bodies, carrying us through this life & I understand we need to move our bodies to maintain mobility to choose ease not dis-ease. Running with Reiki healing practices gives me a connection to my inner world & extraordinary powers to perform in the outer world. I'm incredibly attuned to my body, living vital embodied experiences. I'm proud to say I'm the female champion of the The Track 522kms of running across the Australian desert from Alice Springs to Uluru in 2019 powered by the rituals I practice & beliefs I behold.

I practice Reiki because it invokes peaceful presence, clear awareness to live well & consciously. I was introduced to the Reiki way of life by an amazing teacher, Sarah of Spirit Earth Reiki & special soul. I took my learnings & immersed myself into learning more about energy healing in all forms from all cultures & plunging into the physics & philosophy, you'll find me down a rabbit hole, when I'm not bathing in a Reiki light bath. I have created a healing space for my clients to offer them support too, to enable finding their calm inner essence & I empower them with positive psychology from my learnings through studying many healing modalities including breathwork, meditation, matrix therapies, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) & hypnosis.

I learned Animal Reiki through SARA (shelter animal reiki association) & then graduated with the pioneering & passionate Kathleen Prasad of Animal Reiki Source. I practice Reiki with my cats, they love the peaceful & healing space that the Reiki meditations create. It is truly a wonderful experience to share energetics with our beloved furry friends. I also feed the cat colonies around Sydney & you'll often find me sitting with the homeless strays offering them some comforting energy too. We all deserve kindness & compassion in this life & they have taught me about the connection we can have with animals, even the wild unsocial cats can teach us!

Yoga has been a passion & practice of mine for 15 years it has taken me to lush retreats & immersions into wellness & from those experiences I have trained to teach & share the principles of yoga for wellbeing practically, physically & philosophically. I have also had amazing healing miracles from the softer more subtle form, Yin. Yin yoga stresses our mind & bodies just enough to create space that we can soften into, we then relax into the restorative & reflective. I would be honoured to guide you to that place of deep release in one of my new curations of private personalised yin with Reiki, remove the residue to flourish & nourish the soul.

I moved to the Blue Mountains to immerse in nature & connect to the Goddess Gaia, our Mother Earth. Please come & visit me here so she can soothe as you sink into your subtle energy body surrounded by earthly energy. I have created a healing space here, a styled tipi in my garden offers a unique outdoor experience & with Reiki & Yoga packages for your wellbeing to bring you back to your natural state of relaxation.

Book in for a Reiki retreat or a soothing session using the 'Book Online' page if you would like support for your own transformational & optimal wellness journey, I would love to host you & hold space for you, to offer you a session with healing hands & guidance through your flow & along your path with lightness & kindness. ^.~ Leigh xo

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