• Leigh

Animal reiki - Introduction

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Practising reiki with animals is different to working with humans firstly in approach - please respect their choosing to accept reiki is the first step, offering them the healing energy invitation always & never just assuming that they will want reiki.

Ask them if they would like to join you in a healing meditation, usually in my experience if they stay they are interested.

& then the actual reiki healing - try not using hand placements on animals which can be too strong & can create them to be uncomfortable & they'll run away. It again must be their decision to accept the reiki.

Feedback from them is always in their reaction, they may seem to relax, they may even put their head in your hand, they are all intuitive beings (more so than humans I have found) & they will let you know if they want your healing touch.

Create a reiki space, a healing energy surrounds you when you meditate with intention & the animal will be drawn to the compassionate vibration. Use visualisations to connect your heart with the animal, if they are sick or struggling, see them as pure love, surround them in a clear loving & healing light.

Sit in a still calm state, creating the reiki energetic space as a space to compassionately connect with your pet. See both of you in a peaceful place of relaxation.

The reward of connection is all the response needed to know that the animal feels the energy healing & knows of the beautiful intention the practitioner offers.

Try it with your pet, start with a mediation of around 20-30 minutes. To settle yourself meditate with your breath & bathe yourself in a healing light. When you feel relaxed invite your animal friend to join you. It is important for your energy to be clear & in a positive state of being so you can share only the clearest healing power.

Enjoy this beautiful practice, notice how you feel & how they find a way to communicate with you, be open to give & receive pure love.


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