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Creating A Sharing & Caring Space

Please allow me to introduce myself I'm Leigh of Love All Beings. Owner of a business created to care for all beings emotionally & energetically. Love All Beings was born 2 years ago & I welcome clients to my healing space & am a regular stall holder at Sydney Vegan Market (until Covid!)

But that is why I am here. To Connect in Coronavirus times. I miss those powerful conversations & transformations with clients at the market, thankfully though I can still offer healing sessions from home.

So tentatively typing, where on Earth do I begin?

I have never been one for sharing on social media or even socially, a natural introvert, choosing to keep myself to myself, conditioning from my North Eastern English early years, "be seen & not heard".

That was before my life transformation, before I cleared my limiting beliefs & negative emotions from events in my life, before I embarked on my self development seeking journey.

Along the way I was introduced to my angels, discovered a channel into the spiritual realm that came through my running really really long distances that taught me to connect to my own subtle energy body.

I practised yoga for the physical benefits initially but ultimately I practise for the emotional benefits & now I am falling deeply in love with yin, I'm a qualified teacher surrendering into the softness & then studying the philosophy & exploring the sensuous world of Tantra.

Yoga led me along the path to find Reiki & I was soothed by the deeply healing effects that Reiki meditation & a daily spiritual practice offered to me, the rituals bring me into balance & beyond.

My mind has been expanded & my ego confronted on my life shifting quest when I began to awaken from the numbness of alcohol & addiction about a decade ago. Now with these uncertain & until recently unimaginable times we all find ourselves in I feel it is time, I've slowed down, stopped even, I am demanding more of myself to offer some lightness, somehow.

I thought I have this unused & uninspiring platform. But now, what if I do share on here even if no-one is there that doesn't matter & I don't care this is more about cracking open, delving deep & truth divulging. My own personal journalling, sharing secrets & soul nourishment

with peaceful intentions.

I used to suppress all emotion, I now allow myself to feel raw emotions in all their discomfort & so I'll document them without cares about what others think, something as a people pleaser all my life I'm hoping with prove to be a healing process in itself for me too.

What I do care about is all beings, all the animals on the planet, I care deeply about our Mother Earth, I care about our collective wellbeing & what we are doing for preservation of this physical self, our vessel for living in the world, I'm interested in our inner & outer healthiness for our environment. I believe the forecast is grim we have to be encouraged & have so much compassion for those suffering, all species in the darkness. & so I'm going to share about what I care about & if I can influence anyone or anything that in any way can bring light then great & if not that's ok too.

Feelings of being powerless in times of hopelessness are so real. But I will open my heart, share my truth, create a safe space for healing & caring deeply. The challenges have be

en immense for us all this year & it is my highest intention for my Reiki infused offering to bring light, insight, inspiration.

Collectively we must create change. This is the beginning of my rising to the occasion of a life loving the Goddess Gaia. Even with a few words I'm stepping out of my comfort zone.

I don't believe I'm a natural lyricist but I have a lot to give. I have learned & invested in knowledge, from philosophy, positive psychology to vegan nutrition, I've read books about anatomy, quantum physics & neuroscience to satiate my interest in being alive. I'm a practitioner in yoga, reiki, hypnosis, matrix therapies & NLP. I've meditated for over a decade, practised yoga for 20 years, I'm an ultra marathon female champion of 525kms across the desert but just an average runner using my mindset coaching techniques.

& so I invite you to join me in this journal, online, open. I'm hoping you'll journey this journal with me as we forage in a few rabbit holes & bathe in light baths together!

I pledge to share twice weekly, topics to influence compassionate choices, to practice self healing & expand awareness to offer peace in our troubled times. My promise to always be honest, open & share what I care about.

Always with Love for All Beings. Xo

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