• Leigh

Learning & Healing with Nature

I would love to share my experiences & learnings today from a truly epic journey in nature in which I solely adventured at the weekend & I offer to you a mountain inspired visualising meditation that I hope can help you relax & self heal today too...

As I have previously wrote about my ambition to run across the desert next month I am in training for the Track 2019 which involves physical, mental, emotional & spiritual preparation & motivation. I embarked on a solo expedition of x2 50km Six Foot Track runs in the Blue Mountains, NSW & with 1600mtrs elevation & technical trails I knew it would challenge me.

I completed those 2 days surrounded by a stunning natural Australian native environment, I connected to the dry earth, felt living energy from ferns, serenaded by natures chorus, birds harmoniously sang, lizards darted across my path, butterflies guided me with their beauty, trees shaded me from the intense sun, rocks blocked my path & I touched mossy boulders with my palms, dipped my toes in clear creek waters, winds breezed through the eucalyptus leaves & all the time (14 hours across 2 days) I felt a huge sense of oneness & gratitude to Mother Earth.

I also struggled. I ran out of water. I smashed my legs on steep steps down. I was tired, my mind played tricks & I hallucinated snakes from sticks. I crashed my feet into stones creating searing pain. But I kept going with determination. I calmed myself with reiki meditations, sending loving light & healing energy to my weary legs. I conversed with my surroundings, crazy? I felt exposed & vulnerable yet strong & supported throughout my 2nd day I felt a growing pride. & then I suffered a heartbreaking meeting with a dead fox, why did humans decide to poison these beautiful beings, I apologised to his limp body for the disgusting people who killed him. I sent him across a rainbow bridge where he could run free & wild.

Every single step I must be present (all 120,000 of them) & this is why I run with reiki meditations, I run for freedom, connection to spirit & earth, & I run for a purpose - for the animals.

& that freedom of spirit is what guided me through the tough terrain in the mountains on the weekend, those reiki precepts & learnings that I connect with on these running adventures I hope can inspire you. The self care & compassion that I allow myself out there, those conversations with myself must always be positive & nurturing, strengthening & supportive & I implore all to give themselves a dose of self love & support always in any challenging event.

& because of this love & presence in nature I created these meditation inspired by the Blue Mountains to inspire you, to offer you a wild & free feeling of lightness & love from the earth.

Close your eyes & see yourself sitting by a beautiful lush fern. feel the cool presence of this elixir of life, sitting in dappled sunlight feel relaxed as you surround yourself with beautiful lush fern leaves, feeling them sharing with you the life force with each breath. See your connection with their calm giving nature & relax into the beautiful lush space.

Loving energy from the sacred earth xo


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