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Old Year Learnings & New Year Yearnings

The new year. A time for reflecting & reminiscing.

Recommend journaling for this new year, journaling creates introspection, thought alignment & a cathartic release on the pages. Write whatever flows. What are you grateful for. Blessings, gifts, graces. Acknowledge them.

Accept that as another year ends we can often feel we are coming from a place of lack, know that yes, it is more challenging to give birth but rebirth is inevitable & if we give grace & gratitude we are abundant & attract to manifest.

Maybe some of my ramblings below may inspire you to contemplate….

Gratitudes are so significant at this time of year, give appreciation within ourselves. Bestow gratitudes for significant events, for beloveds in your life. Send blessings to the challenges.

By digging deep into your essence & finding the gentleness within you resonate with a higher vibration. & you share that energy with every single living being. Allow us all to shine the light into the dark, to carry us through, pull us into the next renewal. Illuminate the world because right now our Mother the Earth, she needs your light vibe, how can you shine? The universe is always changing, always rebirthing. That is the beauty of life & this new year. We have the time to bring more light into the newness, shiny & new.

There is a gift in the challenge & allows us the realise the meanings. What challenges have you faced in 2020? The Covid collective challenge has affected every single one of us. What have you learned?

What are the areas in your life you want to cleanse & release? This allows space for transformation, compost those areas that no longer serve, elements of pain, struggle, suffering. Plant new seeds for the new year. What intentions will you nurture for the new lap around the sun? We see this process so beautifully in nature, the leaves fall, nourish the earth’s soil into richness & shoots grow out of the earth. Where can you grow?

What qualities do you want to cultivate? What do you want create? In life, in love, in labour.

How are your relationships this year? With self & others? Now is the perfect time to forgive & let go so you carry no resentment in your spirit.

What beautiful adventure would you like to journey through 2021?

Reflect on this list around the new year & hold space for a sacred ceremony to honour self. A time to be fully present in the world, to be light, be the radiant body, that lights up the way. Honour this time that is right now.

Re-read. Send out to the universe & let go. Allow the month of January to renew your daily spiritual practice to carry you through the day, month, year.

& as always send blessing to all beings that share this new year with you xo Leigh

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