• Leigh

Passion & Purpose

My creative nurturer archetype wishes to inspire & care for you.

My knight is pumped to motivate positivity & achieve with you.

My innocent explorer is excited to share this new experience with you.

& my oracle can truly see that this can charm your life & align you with your essence, the code of your soul, so you can live & be in flow with your passion & purpose.

Please read further if you'd like to discover how to enhance your positive attributes & understand how to rise to your challenges & ultimately how to transform your relationship with yourself so that you are fulfilling your souls destiny, so you are nourishing your true inner being & flourishing with fluid action.....

I have been humbled & honoured to learn from the Evolve Now Training with an incredibly gifted messenger Lauren Jobson, these incredible scripts are derived from ancient wisdom. The archetype coaching modality is nurturing of spirit & empowering of mind. It begins with the ancient texts from the writings of the philosopher, Plato, from learnings from historical Egyptian scriptures.

We are all spiritual beings having a human existence in this life, we all have sacred contracts with which we are to live this life within our passion to nurture our soul & fulfil the purpose of our destined journey in this life.

To know what our true path is, we must be aware of our passions & utilise them to fulfil our purpose, this coaching offer delves into our past to discover our treasures, to find out our deep passions. Once we know which archetypes are our motivators & guides we can make informed decisions as to what is the right direction for us to take.

We also can clear any limiting beliefs that may be influencing us & holding us back from stepping into our purpose & find out how to make successful strategies following the guidance of your archetypes. They are within you, they will guide you & inspire you & they will support you to truly live in your passion & purpose.

I'm offering these opening & uplifting coaching packages at a 50% discount for a limited time, go to booking online now...

Session 1 - discover your true passions & how archetypes your can guide & support you.

Session 2 - clear any limiting beliefs so you can be in your purpose with a success strategy.

Session 3 - exercises with your archetypes who will answer your questions & show you your path.

DISCOUNT - 3 sessions @ $350 for the package is NOW $175 for a limited time until end July 2019.

Join me on this journey of self empowerment & discovery. Find your passion & purpose NOW it really is liberating & exciting!

Lightness & Kindness, Leigh xo


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