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Running with Reiki

As I am in mid-preparation for what I know will be my most difficult & challenging running race so far in a running career that spans 3 decades I am obviously putting in the hard yards on my feet, running distances daily & then precision planning my vegan (cruelty free always) nutrition to plant-power me across the desert for 522kms in 9 days. But I realise the mental & spiritual preparation is just as important & so this is how I'm stepping into a mind space of self belief & how I hope to channel support from the spirit.

* SACRED CONTRACT * There is a 10 hour cut off for each of the 'shorter' days. My pledge to myself is that I will complete the distance within those hours, I am determined to reach the finish line each day & I believe that is possible & so I have written a sacred contract to me, my spirit guides & the universe that I will run walk or crawl to complete each day.

* MEDITATIONS * Running for me is a spiritual experience, pushing through pain suffering & breaking through those barriers has taught me there is significant strength & resilience within (all of us always) & meditation can support when in that beaten up state. I use healing light to my legs, hips, knees, I send love & compassion to my body & I chant, using mantras in the mind can take our focus out of our bodies & simultaneously taking us out of our suffering.

* VISUALISATIONS * Everyday now, when I am on my training runs I'm seeing myself out there in the desert, running strong, finishing each day, overcoming obstacles I'm training my brain into believing I can do it too. I visualise the earth supporting me & I see myself grateful & humble as I finish each run.

* RECOVERY REIKI * & for the recovery when my muscles & bones are screaming at me I bring in peaceful healing energy into my space. I rest my hands onto my body & invite reiki to heal, I breathe in loving supportive energy & see myself totally whole & healed. I lie in a deep relaxed state, a place from which my body can repair. & again send thanks to the universal life force & grace to the universe for giving me the gift of running.

* RUN THE RACE WITH LOVE & GRACE * Running with a full heart I believe has given me years of running injury free. Respecting the environment & accepting also whatever may come. Having belief systems to serve, being truly appreciative of my run & ability to run, every single day is a blessing.

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